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Alexanderfs Property Management

Property Management Agreement for ?

1. This agreement is made the ?? day of ??? in the year 2016 between: Alexander MacKay of Hope River - Property Manager, hereafter called the Manager


?????????????? hereafter called the Owner of property at ??????

2. In consideration of the mutual benefits and promises contained within this agreement, the parties signed to this agreement agree that:

3. The Manager agrees to care for the property at ??????? by;

a: Checking the premises at least once a month and collecting the rent monthly,

b: Procuring renters for the house and doing the eviction process where necessary;

c: Ensuring the heating and all other system are kept in working order,

d Reporting any problems to the owner by email or phone.

4. The Manager further agrees to arrange for necessary repairs on direction from the owner, and the Manager agrees to care for the property ?????? by;

a: Procuring and overseeing on site workers,

b: Arrange for the ordering of required materials,

c: Ensuring work is properly completed as directed by the owner,

d: Reporting any problems to the owner by email or phone.

5. The Owner agrees that the fee for the services provided in paragraph 3. above by the Manager will be 10% of rentals or $75.00 per month whichever is greater.

6. The Owner agrees to pay for any necessary advertisements to procure tenants.

7. The Owner further agrees to pay for any repairs that are required and further agrees that the fee for the Managerfs service in paragraph 4. will be at the rate of $25.00 per hour. The minimum shall be $30.00 and shall include travel time.

8. This agreement may be terminated by either party as long as either party provides 30 days written notice. This agreement is binding upon both parties, his/her heirs, assigns, personal representatives and successor to title.

9. The Manager shall invoice the Owner at the end of every month and the Owner shall pay the invoice within 15 days.

NOTE - The Manager assumes no responsibilities for any environmental issues in regard to the property. In addition any disagreement or issue between the Owner and the workers or renters shall be the responsibility of the Owner. The Manager will act as a negotiator only and reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time during this situation.





Alexander MacKay



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