Fresh Organic Vegetables and Property Management


Making compost

Build an inexpensive compost bin:

You can build a great compost bin from free pallets in no time hardly at all. You can add on to it easily also. It is easy to access the pile too. First, go to a lumberyard, feed store, supply store or any place you think may have wood pallets used for shipping that they would like to get rid of for free. You'll probably see some out back stacked up, just find a manager and ask politely and most times they are glad to let you have some. Pick out sturdily built ones and try to get all the same size or nearly so. Get three for a single bin and five or six for a double bin. Your compost bin will be the length and width of one pallet or two if a double size bin. Pick a spot in the shade for it that is easily accessible by wheelbarrow. Stand two pallets on edge to form a right angle. Nail a scrap piece of lumber as a brace at an angle across the tops of the two pallets just in from the corner. Now nail the two pallets together anywhere possible on the corner, usually nailing is best on the pallet's main crosspieces. If nailing isn't at all possible you can wire them together also. Add a scrap scab if needed to join them.Add another pallet standing on edge to form a three-sided square. Brace and nail it together where they meet. Now you have a single compost bin! The open side of the square is where you'll fill the bin.To double the size of your compost bin so you have a working pile and a finished pile is simple. Add another rear pallet and another side pallet and you've doubled the size. Sometimes adding a second pallet to the center of a double bin is needed for stability 

Soil Blocks

If your tired of taking your transplants out of a tray and possibly killing the plant - soil block are the answer. The blocks are created using oragnic mulsh and a secret organic produce. You then plant your seed in the dibit and cover with a bit of the mixture and keep moist until the seed germinates. Below are tomatoes planted today.

Spreading the hay out

Making aged manure from old hay

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